SVCI MDI2 Super Vehicle Communication Tool Can third-party Custom J2534 Protocol Software For GM / JLR / Mazda / Toyota / Honda


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  • Brand Name: YBQCPJ
  • External Testing Certification: NONE
  • Origin: Mainland China

Now SVCI MDI2 just have GM vehicle software: GDS2, RDS3, Tech2Win, DPS, Patac DPS,

Will have Ford, Mazda,Toyota, Honda software soon.

Other software need to pay money to open.

SVCI MDI2 Super Vehicle Communication:
Powerful hardware, the most advanced comprehensive diagnostic instrument
1. Support 95% auto communication protocol
2. Covers 95% models in Europe, America and Japan
3. Covers almost function of DEM diagnostic software

Covers 18+ OEM diagnostic tools, function similar follow other products.

Various versions, optional as required, online authorization

Compatible with third-party custom J2534 protocol software Equipment in hand, solve all problems, One of the best choices for garage

Powerful hardware, compatible with 95% of the global auto standard communication protocols!

Super long service life, warranty up to 5 years!

Support ofline and online working!

Synchronize the 0EM software upgrade, Upgrading firmware Online !

Support CAN FD, DoIP Communication protocol

Comply with J2534-1,J2534 2, IS022900 PDU etc… international standards 

Compatible with all functions of OEM software

Contains network card, Support USB, 802.11n wireless network communication

Usage scenarios:

1.General small garage, need technical support?

Choose a SET of SVCI MDI2, operated remotely by a technical team, and pay pertimes to save labor costs.

2.Big garage, no dealer account?

Choose a SET of SVCI MDI2, Enter online dealer accounts through remote diag-nostics function.

3.Dealer accounts are often idle, Technical capacity is not fully utillized?

Contact us, Join our technical team, we will recommend the users who needs technical support. Add a second income quickly.

Hardware Configuration information:
Automotive electronics engineer benefits, open hardware configuration information
Custom configuration Korean, French and other not marked OEM software andthird-party standard protocol auto software 

Q1: Which models can SVCI MDI2 do and can it be supported until that year?
Is compatible software stable? What functions can be achieved?

SVCI MDI2 can support 95% of global models, includes old cars and new cars,The compatible OEM diagnostic software has beenstrictly tested in the real car and can ensure full compatibility, basically the OEM diagnostic software can achieve the function can support,

Q2: Does the SVCI MDI2 device come with software? What kind of computer configuration is required?

We will provide a public download channel, optional installation. The minimum configuration requirements are as follows: i5, 4GB memory, and solid-state hard disk. The specific size varies according to different software installation requirements. If all software needs to be installed, the minimum capacity of drive C is 500GB.

Q3: SVCI MDI2 Is all software free?

SVCI MDI2 is available in several versions, including standard, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche, Nissan, and All. Benz edition is on the basis of the standard version of the opening of Benz software functions, other versions of the analogy, the all-powerful version refers to the opening of all software.

Q4: Is there an annual fee for SVCI MDI2? How to upgrade software later? How long is the warranty?

SVCI MDI2 does not require an annual fee. It can be updated in the automatic software update portal at the same time as the official software. No additional registration is required after software update. The SVCI MDI2 is durable and comes with 0 5-year warranty.

Q5: SVCI MDI2 How to use other software without registration or license?

We specially designed a set of loader software for SVCI MDI2 and integrated corresponding drivers, All software startup needs to be started from the loader, Simplify customer experience and achieve out-of-the-box effect.

Q6: How and what are the advantages of SVCI MDI2 remote dliagnostics?

On the client side, the client needs to network the device, and then send the serial number and dynamic password of the device to the server. The server can use our special software to input the serial number and dynamic code password to remotely connect to the client device, and then conduct remote diagnosis, The server does not require the B-side device to fully localize the environment opera- tion, with no region restrictions.

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