Formovie V10 4K Projector UHD Smart Mini Home Theater 2500 ANSI Android Wifi Projector with 12ms Input Lag 240HZ Refresh rate


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  • Brand Name: Formovie
  • Keystone Correction: Manual Correction,Auto Correction
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Projected Dimension: 40-120 inches
  • Light Source: Led Light
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Portable: Yes
  • Ansi Lumens: 2500
  • Home Theater Projector: yes
  • Optical Resolution: 3840x2160dpi
  • Certification: CE
  • Type: Mini
  • Projection Technology: DLP
  • System: Android
  • Projective Mode: Throwing
  • Throw Ratio: 1.27
  • Focus: TOF Non inductive focusing
  • Keystone Correction: Full Auto
  • Screen Alignment Screen: Auto
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Screen intelligent obstacle avoidance
  • Processor: MT9669
  • Memory: 4+64GB
  • Overall power consumption: Less 220W
  • Standby power consumption: Less 0.5W


1. 2500 ANSI Lumens. with real 4K resolution.

2. 240Hz ultra-high stiffness rate, 12ms low delay, with HDMI 2.1 interface. Very suitable for playing games

3. Support HDR10+ / MEMC / Auto keystone correction / TOF non inductive focusing technology / Screen intelligent obstacle avoidance /  Automatic screen alignment.

4. Two 7.5W full frequency speakers are equipped as standard, and one 15W independent subwoofer is added. With the blessing of Dolby ring music, the sound is 360 ° three-dimensional.

5. 4GB+64GB big memory.

Projector Show

Real 4K Resolution with HDR 10+ Decode

3840×2160 Resolution, with 8.3 million independent pixels and four times the resolution of 1080p, "technology" real star now has an amazing ultra-high definition and large field of view. Support hdr10 + decoding.

Appearance for the projector

High appearance

Vivid Color

The single channel has been upgraded from 256 bit color scale to 1024 bit color scale, with 1.07 billion colors. The national level transition is smooth without faults.

AI Image Quality Enhancement

After big data model training, AI can accurately identify content categories and intelligently fine color according to the scene, so as to make the projection picture vivid. Let 1080p film source also present quasi 4K image quality

2500 ANSI Lumens

Day or night, bright and clear, not afraid of light.

Omnidirectional Automatic Correction

The sensitivity of gravity sensing is improved, the calibration ear is more accurate, and the random writing and placement are square.

Non Inductive Focusing

TOF non inductive focusing technology, real-time monitoring of the face, does not interfere with the viewing process, and the picture will clear Zhejiang in the blink of an eye.

Screen Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

AI neural network algorithm accurately captures the blank area through tens of millions of model training and secondary calculation to ensure that every inch of picture is not wasted.

Automatic Screen Alignment

Automatically identify the screen, start the machine and take the initiative to enter the screen.

MEMC Support

Insert compensation frames between motion frames to effectively eliminate picture jitter, tearing and tailing, The rapid picture can also be smooth and smooth.

Create the era of projector 2.1 channel

Breaking the design limitation of the projector, two 7.5W full frequency speakers are equipped as standard, and one 15W independent subwoofer is added. With the blessing of Dolby ring music, the sound is 360 ° three-dimensional. With the FAA sound engine developed by fengmi, you can feel the shocking sound from all directions.

4GB+64GB Big Memory

Using mt9669 flagship A / chip, it has super computing power of 100 billion times per second and full combat power, escorting the wonderful whole journey. With 4GB + 64GB storage, super large applications run smoothly.

Fast refresh + ultra low latency

240Hz ultra-high stiffness rate, 12ms low delay, with hdm12 1 interface, finger and processor are on the same frequency, enjoying unprecedented comfort.

Virtual touch button

The top cover is equipped with four independent face control sensing buttons to wake up the music mode.

Low Noise

After n tests and adjustments, the burst is reduced to ≤ 28dB, which is the most comfortable to listen to

Human body sensing, anti glare

TOF precise positioning algorithm, when the child is detected to be close, the light will darken instantly to avoid high light irritating the eyes; Authoritative certification of the world's leading organization, effectively reducing the harm of blue light.

Wireless projection

Bid farewell to disordered lines, without the need for third-party screen projection software, and connect mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks with one click.

Rich interface

*VX and V10 are the same product. They are delivered randomly in Arabic numerals and Roman numerals. There is no difference in the product itself.

*The product implementation standard is Q / 08331085-5 · 01-2015, and the brightness test data comes from fengmi laboratory;

*Motion compensation needs to be enabled in the system settings;

*10bit color depth supports decoding;

*118% dci-p3 is the color gamut area ratio of dci-p3 under the 1976 standard color gamut;

*Hdr10 + supports decoding;

*After accessing HDMI, you can enter the game mode. When the refresh rate is higher than 60Hz and can be detected, the screen resolution will be reduced to improve the refresh rate;

*The adjustment range of omnidirectional automatic correction is ± 45 ° of X and Y axes. In order to ensure the accuracy of correction and viewing experience, it is recommended that the maximum angle of side projection should not exceed 40 degrees;

*TOF human body detection function supports detection within 3 meters. Do not look directly at the lens when the projection is turned on;

*In order to ensure a better focusing effect when using a TOF camera with a distance of more than 3 meters;

Before payment. please read the below clearly.

It is the Chinese version. support Chinese and English. Default Chinese, when you received the projector please change the language first. our link have the step show you how to change the language. When you change to English, there will still be some pages and apps just suit on China that will not be translated into English, which will not affect your use. please know it clearly before order.

All projector are original. because of the projector too expensive. except for the quality problem from the factory or projector damaged during the shipping way. other reason (Like buyer does not like it when received it / Different from your imagination / Think too expensive etc) no return no replacement. so before ordering please considering clearly.

It is Chinese version. Not all third-party software can be installed and used, like google play store. if can not use please check with the third-party software first .The plug of the projector is the Chinese plug. but we will add 1pcs adapter that suits for your country to you.

We will open the box, turn on the projector check and test to prevent any factory defects. Considering the safety of international transportation, we will take out the dry batteries in the remote control, so the package you receive do not contains dry batteries and you need to buy it by yourself. please check this before order. No voice control function.

If ship from China, we do not bear any customs fees and TAX. hope you can contact us before payment

Some external devices may not be compatible with the projector. This is not a problem with the projector. Please ask our online customer service carefully before placing the order.

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